Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liliam Nunez de Souza, Peru

"Liliam Nunez de Souza lives in the city of Pucallpa and is a member of the communal bank called Las Gemas II. She is 47 years old and has three grown children. Her husband sells beverages for work. She began her business selling beauty products and perfumes through catalogs. With her first loan, she purchased a small display case to show her products. Liliam is a pharmacy technician and her business has been growing. In parallel to her investment in selling beauty products, she also works together with her family selling medicines.

To date, medicine sales have improved and have increased sales, and now she needs more capital to invest in cosmetics, perfumes as well as more medicine. She says that Manuela Ramos has given her many opportunities to work together with her family, not only providing a source of income, but uniting them in improving their quality of life."

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