Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kiva song

If I had $25..

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  1. Nice song illustrating the benefits microfinance can provide by lending a relatively small amount (25 dollars) from developed nations to less-than developed nations.

    Like they said in the song, microfinance sppears similar to the American Dream. Instead of just giving aid or throwing money at corrupt leaders in developing nations, microfinance truly generates capitalism at its core. In the past, these oppressed states that have had limited success in the global economics arena, have turned to economic principles like Communism to feed their people and get their needs met. It seems like microfinance promotes people becoming self-starters, and making as much profit equivalent to the work they invest into their small businesses, a component of capitalism. Like they said in the song, after reaching sufficient profits, small business owners in these countries can "send their children to school and save money" which lends itself towards "long term" goal achievement.